Granite State Hockey League

GSHL is played at Tri-Town Ice Arena

311 West River Road
Hooksett, NH 03106

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 Created to be an fun even level league run by the Captains of the teams playing in the league. Granite State Hockey League is an  18+ Adult Hockey League with 4 Teams.
Captains can contact us for further details.

Join the Future of Adult League Hockey.

Everything else is just pick up hockey.


The Granite State Hockey League has confirmed the 2014-2016 Season will be played at the Tri-Town Ice Arena.

Winter Half will be Mondays: Game 1  810- Game 2 920

Summer Half will be Thurs: Game 1 920  Game 2 1030

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Granite State Hockey League is an elite 18+ Adult Hockey League. Designed for the hockey player looking to continue playing at a competitive level without the problems of your traditional men's league.



$450.00 per 20 games

Payments $450.00 winter $450.00 summer Early Pay Options Available at reduced price

Subs are $20.00 per game

Look in our payment options section as well

League Draft

USA Hockey Membership Each Players needs to Sign up Individual and email or fax to us.
Individual and Team Stats
40 Games Season
(GSHL) Traynor Cup

League is run by the Captains not the Front Office



40 Total Games in 2 Sessions
10 Man Roster plus subs and  Goalies
18+ Lague
2 Refs
Captains will select players during the draft each year.
The draft will be two one hour Scrimmages 2 weeks before the season begins. All Players in the league will skate in the Draft with the exception of Captains and Goalies and 2 Franchise Players 1 full time and 1 sub.
Like the NHL the First Place team will not have top pick in the draft.
The Season will run 40 games split into 2 sessions. Winter will be the beginning of the Season Summer ending and then Playoffs.



for further question please contact us